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Welcome to the Ball Hawks Athletic Club

Aurora 's Premier Basketball Program

"Where Ball Hawks go to become Greenmen"

Ball Hawks Athletic Club offers two distinct programs within the boundaries of the Aurora School District.  While the Ball Hawks Athletic Club has a strong relationship with the Aurora School District, we are a stand alone organization.

The Lil' Hoopers program is a recreational-based program designed to introduce the game of basketball to beginners in kindergarten through kids looking to participate through 6th grade.  The program focuses on teaching and developing basic fundamental skills, having fun and learning the values of being part of a team and displaying good sportsmanship.  

Our Travel Program exposes and offers kids a higher level of competition while developing fundamental basketball skills. Player development is stressed and disciplined, team-oriented play is emphasized.  Practice time and advanced training are provided to enhance the skills of each player with the goal and vision of having players ready to play at the high school level. 

Lady Greenmen 3v3 League Standings: 4th-5th Grade **Updated**

Player Name Points Position
Rodi 8.5 1st
Unverferth 6 T2nd
Retton 6 T2nd
Westendorf 5.5 4th
Stask 4.5 T5th
Schecterman 4.5 T5th
Loudin 4 T7th
Manav 4 T7th
Miller 3.5 9th
Zuelch 3 T10th
Panguluri 3 T10th
Cifani 2.5 12th
Blum 2 13th
Pierce 1 14th

Lady Greenmen 3v3 League Standings: 2nd-3rd Grade

Grade Points Position
Liepins 8 1st
Burke 6.5 T2nd
A. Okuley 6.5 T2nd
McEachron 6 4th
Courtad 5.5 T5th
Monastero 5.5 T5th
Kramer 5 7th
Stenger 4.5 T8th
E. Okuley 4.5 T8th
Hamilton 3.5 T10th
Kolar 3.5 T10th
Heiskell 3 12th
Close 2.5 13th
Pierce 2 14th
Bultrowicz 1.5 T15th
Avilla 1.5 T15th
DeLuca .5 T17th
Kaplan .5 T17th

Spirit Wear Fundraiser NOW OPEN! Click Here!!

The Ball Hawks Spirit Wear is accepting orders now through Friday, May 4th. Proceeds from this fundraiser go directly to support the Aurora Girls Basketball Program and all they do to support #HawkNation. Thank you for supporting our school, our community and our program.

Congratulations!!   Your Aurora Ball Hawks  2017-2018 Travel Teams

2017-2018 Aurora Ball Hawks - 5th Grade Girls Travel Team (33-9)

2017-2018 Aurora Ball Hawks - 4th Grade Girls Travel Team

2017-2018 Aurora Ball Hawks - 6th Grade Boys Travel Team (42-11).

We are...Ball Hawks! We are...Jr. Cavs!

The Ball Hawks Athletic Club has partnered with the Cleveland Cavaliers and their Junior Cavs  Program.  We are excited about the partnership and what it is providing to the kids in our program.   More details to come.

#HawkNation  GO CAVS!

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